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Can You Use Winter Tires All Year Round
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Can You Use Winter Tires All Year Round

“Can I use winter tires all year?” If you find yourself asking this question, you have reached the right spot. With winter approaching us, almost everyone will switch to winter tires so that they can easily drive on snow and ice-covered roads.

However, while winter tires offer excellent features and convenience, using them all year round isn’t recommended.

In this article, we will tell you some of the major reasons why you shouldn’t be using winter tires for the entire year. Read on!

Winter Tires

Can I use winter tires all year?
Unlike summer tires, winter tires are softer and can stay flexible for a long while. They also have different tread sipes and patterns that offer them additional traction and make it easier for you to drive on icy and snowy roads.

These tires are specially designed to work efficiently at lower temperatures. They maintain a superior grip on icy and slippery roads, thereby helping you drive safely.

However, using them all year isn’t a great idea. Here are some common issues that you might face while using winter tires all year long:

1. Poor performance
Winter tires are meant to be used in winter for a reason. Using winter tires during summer is similar to going about your day wearing a warm woolen coat in warmer months - it’s just not comfortable at all!

These tires are softer, more flexible, and offer better traction to drive easily. However, these soft tires affect the performance and handling capacity of your vehicle during summer. They are super slow to respond and cannot make quick turns or maneuver your car in emergencies. Thus, your safety goes for a toss!

2. Quick wear and tear
Another reason why you should not use winter tires in summer is that they are quick to wear and tear. The flexible rubber and deep treads of these tires cannot handle warmer temperatures. Thus, they will wear quickly, and you will have to replace them more frequently.

3. You will end up spending a lot more money
If you decide to use winter tires all year long, remember that you will be spending a lot more money on fuel. Since winter tires are made from software rubber, they have a higher rolling resistance than summer tires. This ultimately leads to higher fuel consumption and increases your expenditure.

Moreover, as we explained, winter tires wear quickly and require replacement every couple of months. So, you will have to spend a lot more money that you could have easily saved if you used summer or all-season tires in the first place.

Winter Tires

When to use winter tires?
This will greatly depend on the region you live in and how much snow you receive during winter. Ideally, you should switch from summer tires to winter tires once the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also important to take into account the time of the day you drive more frequently. For example, early mornings and late evenings are much colder than afternoons. So, consider the temperature of early morning or late at night while deciding the right to switch them.

In the Us, most people use a simple rule when switching winter tires. They use these tires from November to April, from Thanksgiving to Tax Day. So, if you are confused about when to use winter tires, you can simply go by this rule to get rid of all the dilemmas.

Wrapping up
So there you have it - the major reasons why using winter tires for the entire year can be a bad idea. We know changing tires after every season can be a hassle, but keeping winter tires for all seasons can cause several problems that aren’t worth it all.

So, make sure to switch tires according to the seasons to enjoy a comfortable and safe drive all year long. The extra efforts are worth it!

In case you are looking for high-quality custom tires and other services, we at FORTUNE Tires have you covered.

We offer a wide range of tire-related services designed for different vehicles and road conditions. So whether you need the perfect winter tires for your SUV or summer tires for your commercial van, you will find the best products with us!

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